Simple, reliable & supercharged industrial vacuums that will help you clean up faster.

Some of the companies who are using our vacuum systems:

Kleenvac Plus

Make Spill Clean Up And Liquid Transfer Simple & Reliable

Kleenvac Maxi

Supercharged Pnumatic Vacuum


We can also design and manufacture custom vacuum systems to suit your unique/specific requirements. Here are some of the projects we have been involved in:

We helped to design and develop this 600 CFM compressed air powered vacuum for one of the CSL Australia cement carrying ships for the recovery of residue cement dust. "With this unit a job which once took a team of people 3 days now only takes a single person 3 hours."

This petrol powered vacuum hopper system was designed for the recovery of abrasive garnet. The hopper was custom design and mounted to a frame with the Mobivac P1 vacuum system.

Design and manufacture of this roof insulation vacuum recovery enclosure for Hobart Gutter Vacuums. Marco at Hobart Gutter Vacuums uses the Mobivac P1 on the back of his ute for his business.

About Onekleen

At Onekleen we believe in providing solutions to problems and not just products. We believe that what we design should be simple to use, easy to maintain, operate in the most efficient way possible, save you time, money and energy and provide a safer and cleaner environment.

We design, develop and manufacture environmentally friendly, high performance, simple and efficient cleaning systems right here in Australia.

We also supply a range of Australian made equipment which allows us to provide complete solutions to you.