This is the SuperComp11

 A 11 CFM 150 PSI battery powered (12/24V) mobile piston compressor that packs a punch. 

Super Light

300 KG

Packs A Punch


Super Charged


The SuperComp11 is a zero-emissions mobile compressor that can run off a 12V or 24V DC battery supply allowing it to be installed inside vehicles and used as a powerful mobile air supply. It is ideal for light commercial tire fitting vans, fleet management vehicles, mobile mechanics and utility service vehicles. Simply connecting it to two high performance suitably rated batteries allows you to run the unit with your vehicle off and then as you drive the system recharges. Turn it on and walk away as it will automatically operate to ensure that your tools are always working at maximum capacity.

Available as an efficient 12V DC or 24V DC the SuperComp 11 delivers a supply of 11CFM (311 Lpm) at up to 147 PSI and includes two 9 Litre storage tanks with auto water drain function.


  • Compact space saving design
  • Reduced operation noise levels
  • Zero emissions - no fuels needed
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Designed to have less moving parts
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • High power-to-size ratio
  • Designed for mobile maintenance and utility vans


  • Low voltage detection
  • Low voltage warning system
  • Electronic battery isolation
  • Simple On/Off operation or automatic operation via a pressure switch
  • Powerful & efficient DC electric motor
  • Air cooled piston compressor
  • In-built cooling fan
  • Automatic water drains


  • Size: 708mm x 405mm x 641mm
  • Weight: 70kg 
  • Compressor Type: Piston
  • Free Air Delivery: 11 CFM (311 Lpm) @ 147 PSI (10 bar)
  • Air Tank Capacity: 2 x 9 Litres
  • Current Draw:  90-100 amps
  • Recommended Battery: Deep Cycle – 600CCA minimum

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