This is the SuperComp35

It is a 35 CFM screw compressor specifically designed for mobile applications where storage space is premium and performance is everything.​

It is available in Petrol or Diesel and with a 3.5kVA generator as an option.

Super Light

500 KG
For Petrol - 130KG for Diesel

Super Capacity


Super Charged


Super Small

0 %
Smaller Than Equivalents Compressors*

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The SuperComp 35 is a compressor that doesn’t take up much space while still delivering massive performance. You can fit it on the back of a ute, in a trailer or pretty much anywhere as well as move it around with ease. It delivers air on demand so you can focus on getting your job done in the most efficient way possible. Turn it on and walk away as it will automatically adjust its speed to ensure that your tools are always working at maximum capacity. No need to wait for a large airtank to build up pressure…it’s instant.

Available in Kohler powered Petrol (14HP) or Diesel (10.9HP) the SuperComp 35 delivers a non-stop (100% duty cycle) supply of 35CFM of air @ 7bar (100PSI). Work longer without refuelling as you get up to 3.8 hours of runtime on a single tank of diesel.


  • Petrol Or Diesel Models
  • Also Available With An Integrated 3.5KVA 240V Generator (Optional)
  • Compact [email protected] (7bar) Rotary Screw Compressor
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Integrated Mounting Frame
  • Minimum Hose Connection Due To Compressor Compact Design
  • Over Temp Shutdown
  • 14Bar (200PSI) Safety Valve
  • Automatic Throttle Control = Reduced Fuel Consumption


  • Continuous Air On Demand
  • Ready To Go Compressor
  • Un-matched Power To Size Ratio
  • The Proven Reliability Of Superior Rotary Screw Compressor Technology
  • Fully Portable Design & Made For Fast And Easy Interchanges Between Vehicles
  • Perfect Ease Of Access To All Components
  • Heavy Duty Durable Frame With Two Stage Corrosion Resistant Powerd Coated Finish.
  • Overall Lower Running & Maintenance Costs.
  • Engineered Specifically To Suit Australian Conditions.


  • Size: 902mm (L) x 620mm (H) x 550mm (W)
  • Weight: 120kg (Petrol) – 130kg (Diesel)
  • Key Start: 12V
  • Compressor Type: Rotary Screw Oil Injected Belt Driven Compressor
  • Free Air Delivery: 35 CFM @ 100 PSI (7 bar)
  • Air Pressure:  100 PSI (7 bar) – (145 PSI  – 10 bar availible)
  •  Safety Valve: 200 PSI (14 bar)
  • Fuel Capacity: 7.4 Litres

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